Obie Dollars

About Obie Dollars

The Obie Dollars Program is a prepaid debit card program that allows students, faculty, and staff to use their OCID Cards to purchase goods and services both on- and off-campus. Obie Dollars is a convenient and safe way for students to make purchases without having to carry cash while utilizing a card that they always carry with them.

On campus, students, faculty, and staff can use Obie Dollars to pay for:

Off campus, students, faculty, and staff can use Obie Dollars at a number of downtown merchants for items such as food, clothing, supplies, and bookstore necessities. Below is a list of participants in the program:

Obie Dollars cannot be used to purchase alcohol or tobacco.

Making a Deposit

Students, faculty, staff, and parents can make deposits into Obie Dollars accounts online, through the mail, or in person. The Obie Dollars account is automatically set up for every cardholder—you can start making deposits right away. Please see the Deposit Page for details:

Deposit Page

Closing the Account

Each student’s Obie Dollar account will remain open until they leave Oberlin. Enrolled students, upon written request, may close the account and receive all remaining funds, less a $25 processing fee. At the end of each semester, accounts are automatically closed (at no cost) for students who have graduated or permanently withdrawn from the College during that semester. Funds are used to reconcile charges on the student’s term bill, and any remaining funds are returned to the student.

Cardholders are not permitted to make cash withdrawals from their Obie Dollars account.

Manage Your Account

Click the link below to view your card balance and transaction history or deactivate a lost or stolen card.

Manage Your Card