Manage Your Card

View Balances and Transactions

View real-time account balances and transaction history on your card. Accounts include:

Cardholders sign in using their ObieID and password (the same credentials used to sign in to your Oberlin email).

Parents and other guests can create a Guest Account to view their student's card balances and transactions. Once you create a guest account, a cardholder must grant you permission to view their account.

Sign in as a cardholder Sign in as a guest

Proxy Requests

See which proxy users have requested to view your account, and approve or deny access.

Manage Proxy Requests

Lost ID Card Information

If you have misplaced your ID Card, go here to deactivate the card so it cannot be used by anyone who may find it. You can reactivate your card if you find it. Otherwise, come to the ID Card Office to get a new ID card pinted. Click below for details.

Lost ID Card Information

Upload a New ID Photo

Freshen up your ID card with a new photo! Upload a new photo anytime, and it will be used the next time you need an ID card printed.

Upload ID Photo